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Family businesses



How solid is your family business? Operating in a family business is top-level sport. Technological developments, competitors and game changers, regulation, shortages of talented personnel, adequate managers, capital and financing raise your attention. Some family businesses did not survive the crisis, because they missed critical developments in the market too late. Despite the favorable economic climate, it is therefore necessary to remain constantly alert.
But your business family also requires attention. Research shows that successful family businesses have their family affairs in order. These business families are involved in the company, there is a clear governance structure, an emergency plan and the values and wishes of the family are laid down in a statute or covenant. There is a step-by-step plan for transfer situations. With family affairs in order, family members are not only suitable successors or motivated employees, but also involved ambassadors outside the company.

What are our services?

FBM does not only advise you with your business questions. We also help you organize and structure your family interests. We help family entrepreneurs with:

  • writing a family statute
  • the implementation and organization of a periodical family council
  • designing an appropriate governance structure (implementation of “good governance”)
  • drawing up an emergency plan (“OASE”)
  • designing a property strategy
  • guiding the family transfer
  • the control and mediation of (latent) family conflicts

Why FBM?

FBM has been advising various family businesses and business families since its foundation in 1990. Our clients appreciate our commitment to setting up a healthy, well-organized family structure. We not only provide good advice, but we also ensure adequate implementation such as recording the wishes in a family covenant or a shareholders’ agreement. We are your adviser and confidant for all your family matters, both business and private.

Get acquainted with FBM without any obligation

We would like to invite you for an informal first conversation. This conversation can take you further in many ways. In addition, we draw up an analysis and we like to come up with a plan of action. Our vision is to always achieve a desired result in a team. We advise, you decide.