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Debt advisory



FBM has many years’ experience arranging debt for companies. We interpret the need and structure the financing based on the need. We deliver true debt advisory and are also today in a position to arrange optimal bank financing.


To realise corporate strategy, the continuity of growth often is dependent on risk capital. FBM can help you with a broad network of both private equity and other financial sponsors. FBM can prepare your company for this process and ensures in the end that you have sufficient funds to realise goals.

Based on a meticulous analysis of your financing needs, we will present the most suitable financier. Depending upon your needs, we will arrange financing via commercial banks, property banks, lease companies, factor companies, et cetera.

Even if your company does not require capital urgently, it may still be a good time to take a good look at your financing arrangements. FBM analysis your banking arrangement conditions and can improve these. This will increase your RETURN and limit your RISKS. FBM can constantly advise you on optimising your financing arrangements.


Financing involves interest risks and currency risks. FBM assesses these risks and can advise mitigating these risks. We work with a classified treasury specialist.